How does it work?

1) Invite a friend (send or share your URL)

2) They create an account after clicking on your unique Referral URL to get to our site

3) They make their first purchase (must be min $100)

4) You receive a $25 coupon

Your Referral URL

Use this URL to invite friends to our site. Copy and Paste it into an email or share it on social media. See more info below…

How to refer a friend?

There are a number of options available to refer people to Cannamed.Express

1) Using the Invite Form to send a customized message to specific email addresses. (High chance of referrals)

2) Sharing your customized Referral URL generated by the store. You can find this under Your Referral URL up above on this page. You can post this link anywhere you like! Your options are limitless. Social media, forums, blogs- wherever you think will be the most effective. (Can get lots of referrals)