In order to maintain the health and safety of our valued clients as well as our employees, Weed on Wheels has implemented the following procedures. With your participation we can keep delivering the medicine you love, with minimal risk of exposure to Covid-19.

1.) Delivery vehicles will be sanitized before every delivery shift, with extra attention to high-traffic touch points like the steering wheel, gear shifter, cell phone / wallet drop area, sunglasses area, door handles inside and out, window controls, radio knobs, rearview mirror, and mirror controls.

2.) Drivers will be wearing face masks and gloves at all times. Gloves are changed after handling cash and/or touching anything outside of the sanitized vehicle. Any driver’s possessions like phones will be sanitized regularly throughout the day. Drivers will be wearing freshly cleaned clothes for each shift, washing them after (using a garbage bag system to keep work clothes separate from clean living environments).

3.) Cash goes into a designated bag; it is best if the customer drops cash directly into the bag. If change will be needed, please communicate this info through email / text with the driver so that they can be prepared.

4.) **DROP BOX OPTION** – recommended to minimize interaction during social isolation – Leave the cash in a clearly communicated spot, and the driver will exchange it for the product requested in a discreet brown paper bag.